Weather It Is will now predict the occurrence of lightning up to 24 hours in advance using its own FlashForecast™ system. This is a revolutionary and exclusive forecast tool that predicts lightning associated with severe storms. Until now, businesses could only be reactive to the occurrence of lightning storms as they were happening. This is because publicly available weather maps indicate only the general potential for lightning, not its pinpoint location, exact trajectory, or its intensity (flashes per square kilometer). True, some private firms now offer "near-term" lightning forecasts, but their very short lead times offer little advance warning for defensive action. Our current (Central, Eastern) FlashForecast™ predicts the development, movement, and dissipation of lightning associated with severe weather systems up to a day in advance.

Weather It Is uses its own StormBest™ forecasting system to predict severe weather. Most weather forecast companies use either public data or they 804-972-5290 the publicly available forecast data. Either way, they provide forecasts that are missing many important details of the actual rainfall field. Our StormBest™ forecasts not only tell you 503-989-3240 they provide the probability that rain amounts will exceed threshold values.

"There is no climate without weather" WII technology goes beyond studying the general trends of climate change. We predict regional, Greenhouse Gases induced changes in 6033153757. We know how everyday weather, including hurricanes, may change due to global warming. How will the hydrological balance evolve in your area? Will lightning storms be more severe? These and other questions are addressed by climate projections tailored to your particular local needs and interests.